Weaving the Web of Space and Time: How to Manifest Possibilities into Reality

Space and Time create a web that weaves our lives into the intersection of reality and possibility. When you learn to weave your web of space and time, you learn how to manifest your chosen possibilities into reality and manifest the life you want to live.

In weaving the web, you will learn how to work with Space and Time as distinct principles of magic that can be applied to your life and spiritual practices. You will also learn how to integrate memory, imagination, stillness, and movement into your space/time magical workings, in order to manifest specific possibilities when and where you want them to manifest. You will learn the following when you take this class:

  • What the web of space and time is and how it can be integrated into magical and spiritual practices.
  • How to apply imagination and memory to your magical workings and spiritual path.
  • How to use movement and stillness in your space/time magical workings.
  • What the practical space/time magic techniques are and how they can be used to manifest possibilities into reality.
  • How to use meditation to connect with parallel versions of yourself.
  • Who the inner contacts and spirits are that you can connect with to do further work with space/time magic.

When does this class meet?

This class meets on April 18th (10 am to 5 pm) and 19th (10 am to 5 pm) at Pathway Books, located at 11419 Concord Village Ave
St. Louis, Missouri

What you will get when you take this class

You will achieve the following Benefits when you take this class:

  • Understand how to use space and time to achieve better results in your magical work.
  • Discover how memory and imagination can be worked with to discover hidden possibilities.
  • Connect with other versions of you and learn their secrets.
  • Walk the web of space and time and use it to manifest the possibilities you want to turn into reality.
  • View reality and possibility from a non-linear perspective and apply it to change your life.

What is the investment for this class?


See what other people have said about this class

Wow! I spent an amazing weekend doing magical experimenting with Taylor Ellwood (notable author and really nice person) who flew in to deliver a weekend intensive centered around Time Space Magic. We magicked up sigils empowered to draw potential realities into manifestation. Altered consciousness to meet and journey into other realms with various Deities leading us to experiencing time and space mysteries. We explored the connections between identity and time & space with magical workings done on the spot with past and future selves. He launched us into some new dream work techniques … and tons more!. Every potent idea lead to more hands on workings because that’s what the ideas are for … actualization. The man can really dish up a workshop! Not only did he clearly convey useful and potent insights on Time/Space in ways he also jumped us right into the “doing” aspect of those things. – Tamara Anderson

About the Teacher

Hi, I’m Taylor Ellwood, occult author, magical experiment, and Esoteric books publisher. I love to share my expertise, knowledge, and process with you! I’ve been teaching classes on magic since the late 1990′s. What I love about magic is the endless possibilities for experimentation and process development, as well as how those possibilities can be integrated into existing magical practices!

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When you take this class you get the following bonuses:

  • Access to a private online forum that is specifically for this class, where you can share your continued work with the material with me and your class mates.
  • 3 Free Hour Long Teleconferences that will occur after the workshop where you can ask me questions and share your experiences.
  • Free MP3 Recordings of the Teleconferences.
  • A Free class the night before on the Alchemy of Breath

How to Register

The cost of this class is $195 . To register for the class, contact Melina at Pathways: 314-842-0047 I look forward to working magic with you!