I'm Taylor Ellwood. Welcome to Magical Experiments, which is where I share with you my ongoing magical experiments as well as my books. I'm the author of a number of books on magic, including Pop Culture Magic, Space/Time Magic, The Process of Magic and much more.

I began practicing magic when I was 16, starting out with a blend of Hermeticism and Neoshamanism, and gradually incorporating Ceremonial, ritual, and chaos magic from the Western traditions and Taoism and Dzogchen from the Eastern practices. All of these spiritual practices play a role in my magical work, but as a magical experimenter I'm always looking at how to innovate and change magical practices. As a result I also draw on non-magical disciplines such as psychology, social science, neuroscience, literacy and rhetoric and much more to inform my magical work.

I am also a creator of magical systems:

  • Pop Culture Magic - My system for applying magic to pop culture and modern media.
  • Space/Time Magic - My system for applying elements of space, time, imagination and memory to create results.
  • Inner Alchemy - My system for working with cells and neurotransmitters and the body.
  • Magical Identity - My system of identity work used to change your internal beliefs.

I am continually refining and developing my magical work, which I share with you in my blog. You can also check out my free workbook below, where I walk you through a simple 4 step process for how magic works.