You're here for a reason...

You want to take control of your life, get consistent results that make a difference, and explore the hidden mysteries of the universe. 

But practicing magic and getting consistent results is harder than you realized. There's so many magical systems and traditions and trying to make sense of it all and get real results is exhausting, especially when what you're doing isn't working. It's time to get consistent results with a tried and true approach to magic that empowers you.

You're ready to create and cultivate relationships with spirits that help you access hidden wisdom, and provide you allies that have your back.

You're ready to learn how and why magic works, and how to apply it to get consistent results that change your life for the better.

You're ready to create a personalized system of magic that makes sense and uses what's relevant and meaningful to you, because you know using what is relevant to you, in your magical work, is what will help you get the results you're looking for. 

I know it seems like getting results with magic is just a fantasy. You've poured your time, money, and heart into your magical practice and you haven't gotten the results you were supposed to get. 







I'm Taylor Ellwood, Mad Scientist and Magical Experimenter

  • I've created 4 different systems of magic that people use today to get consistent results that change their lives. 
  • I work with magicians who enjoy experimenting with magic and challenging what they know to discover what they can experience and
  • I write advanced books on magic that explore the cutting edge of what magic can be.  

You're probably wondering if I even understand what you're going through. But I want you to know, I've been where you are.

I started practicing magic when I was 16. I had no teachers, and had to self teach myself, which was challenging because the books I had access t didn't exactly paint a clear picture about what you were supposed to do with magic. Gradually through trial and error and experimentation I figured out how magic work and started getting consistent results.

But when I shared my experiments with other magicians, I was told I was reinventing the wheel and that what I practiced wasn't real magic (never mind that it got me REAL results).

So I decided to stop listening to the naysayers. They weren't doing anything original, and I was...and I wanted to share what I was doing with people who really wanted to learn how magic works and use it to change their lives. 

I stopped trying to fit in with the occult scene and started creating my own community around magical experimentation and helping people figure out how magic works and how to get consistent results.

Now I get it, you're probably saying, "Taylor that sounds great, but how do I get consistent results?" 

My Answer? Check out some free Workbooks!

In each workbook I'll show you how easy it can be to learn and apply magical skills to your life.

The Sigil Magic Workbook 300 X 300.png

What if I want to take my magical practice further?

I have good news for you. I have a membership site where I offer classes, specialized training, and we do experiments together! In Magical Experiments University you get access to the courses I've created that walk you through how magic works and show you how to personalize your magical practice by using what's really relevant to you, instead of trying to replicate what other people have done. You can learn more about the university here: 

A few Additional facts about me...

  • I've been practicing magic since I was 16 years old. I'm mostly self-taught, having read through books and then tried out the techniques and then improved on them.
  • I've written a number of books on magic including Pop Culture Magick, Pop Culture Magic Systems, Space/Time Magic, etc. If you want to see what I've written check out the My Publications page.
  • I have an extensive background in magic and have studied and practiced various systems including Western Ceremonial Magic, Chaos Magic, Neoshamanism, Taoism, Dzogchen, and Tantra.
  • I have also studied a variety of disciplines that aren't occult, in order to apply them to magical work. These disciplines include psychology, neuroscience, literacy, linguistics, business, marketing, and many others. I believe drawing on external disciplines can help us understand and improve out magical workings.
  • I love cats! I currently have 5 of them in my life and they keep me company while I'm working on projects.
  • I love listening to a wide variety of music, ranging from industrial to classical to jazz and all places in between.
  • I love me some pop culture. Whether I'm playing a video game or watching a show or reading a SF/fantasy book you'll always find me into some type of pop culture.