I'm Taylor Ellwood and I'm a magical experimenter.

My goal, with magic, and life in general is to create transformative and empowering experiences that change the lives of the people undergoing those experiences. In my magical work what this looks like is:

  • Teaching people to go their own way in their spiritual work while...
  • Also learning the foundation and origins of what magic is and...
  • Discovering the gaps that call for experimentation and deep spiritual work that solves problems and creates enrichment and fulfillment.

It may seem contradictory to tell people to go their own way while respecting what's come before, but I feel you can't effectively experiment with magic unless you know what's come before and have, through hard won experience, discovered the gaps and what doesn't work.

That work leads to the discovery of your own path and the magical experimentation you can do to take you down the path.

A couple facts about me.

  • I've written a number of books on magic, mostly books that are focused on magical experimentation and practice. If you want to discover what I've written, check out my publication list (under my books).
  • I experiment with magic, with my goal being to evolve how magic is practiced, discussed and explored.

Magical Experiments is supported by donations. When you don't you are covering the operational costs of this website as well as supporting my writing, videos, and other content I create. If my work speaks to you please donate.


Check out the blog for articles.

And if you want to learn how magic works or just learn more about about what my perspective is on how magic works, check out my free workbook How Magic Works.