Book Sale!

To celebrate some recent changes in my life I am offering a book clearance sale on the stock I have from Immanion Press. The books listed below (with current quantities) are available for $10 each plus shipping and handling. To order books

  1. Fill out the contact form below to email me.

  2. Notify me of what books you want and in what quantity and where to send them to.

  3. I will calculate the total and send you my paypal address. Once I get the payment, the books will be shipped.

Note: Your contact information will not be shared anyone.

Here’s the list of books and quantities.

Hermetic and Ritual Magic

Disciples Guide to Ritual Magic by Frater Barrabbas (2)

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Over? by Collen A’Miketh (1)

A Traveller’s Guide to Initiation by Katessa Harkey and Jonathan Mooney (2)

Rituals of the Light Within by Elizabeth Fox (2)

Graeco-Egyptian Magick by Tony Mierzwicki (3)

The Lesser Banishing ritual of the Pentagram by Michael Benjamin (3)

Vocal Magic by Bill Duvendack (1)

Spirit Relations by Bill Duvendack (2)

Reiki Magic

Reiki Light by Karl Hernesson (1)

Goddess and God Worship

Finding the Masculine in Goddess Spiral edited by Erick Dupree (10)

Manifest Divinity by Lisa Spiral (2)

When the Gods come Knocking by Lisa Spiral (2)

Fire from the Cauldron by Shon Clark (2)

Children’s Books for Pagans

What is an Altar? By Rowan Moss (2)

Who is a Witch By Rowan Moss (1)


Liber Ursi: Quabalistic Planetary Rituals by Karen DePolito (1)

Thirteen Tools Toward Enlightenment by Karen DePolito (2)

Dream Magic

Dreamlines by Sarai St. Julien (1)

Ecstatic Ritual

Estacia: an introduction to Transcendental Music and Dance by Julia Zay (1)

Witch Craft And Wicca

Advancing the Witches Craft by Marcus Griffin (2)

Family Coven by Lydia Crabtree (7)

Chaos Magic

Liber 767 Vel Boeingus by Jozef Karika (1)

Magick on the Edge Anthology Edited by Taylor Ellwood (1)

Sex Magic

Ecstatic Ritual by Brandy Williams (2)

Social Justice and Magic

Women’s Voices in Magic Edited by Brandy Williams (2)

Shades of Faith Edited by Crystal Blanton (1)

Shades of Ritual Edited by Crystal Blanton (2)

Bringing Race to the Table Edited by Crystal Blanton, Brandy Williams, and Taylor Ellwood (3)

Pagan Leadership Anthology Edited by Shauna Aura Knight and Taylor Ellwood (2)

Rooted in the Body, Seeking the Soul edited by Tara Miller (3)

Bridging the Gap by Crystal Blanton (2)

Pain and Faith in a Wiccan World by Crystal Blanton (1)

Celtic Magic

A Circle of Stones by Erynn Rowan Laurie (1)

Ogam Weaving Word Wisdom by Erynn Rowan Laurie (2)

The Well of 5 Streams by Erynn Rowan Laurie (3)

Pop Culture Magic

Grimoire Kaimana (Dehara) by Storm Constantine (2)

Grimoire Ulani (Dehara) by Storm Constantine and Taylor Ellwood (3)

Grimoire Nahir-Nuri (Dehara) by Storm Constantine and Taylor Ellwood (2 paperback and 1 hardback)

Pop Culture Grimoire Edited by Taylor Ellwood (3)

Pop Culture Grimoire 2.0 edited by Emily Carlin and Taylor Ellwood (1)

Pop Culture Magick By Taylor Ellwood (6)

Pop Culture Magic 2.0 By Taylor Ellwood (8)

Pop Culture Magic Systems by Taylor Ellwood (3)

Cartomancy and Tarot Magic

Nothing But a Pack of Cards by S. Rune Emerson (3)

Wealth Magic

Manifesting Wealth by Taylor Ellwood (8)

Manifesting Prosperity by Taylor Ellwood (1)

Space/Time Magic

Space/Time Magic by Taylor Ellwood (6)

Magical Identity by Taylor Ellwood (4)

Magical Journals of Taylor Ellwood

A Magical Life by Taylor Ellwood (3)

Mystic Journeys by Taylor Ellwood (5)

Magical Movements by Taylor Ellwood (3)

Holistic Magic

The Book of Good Practices by Bill Whitcomb and Taylor Ellwood (3)

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