I've made the decision to recently switch Magical Experiments over to donations.


My focus with magical experiments is doing on-going research and experiment and then sharing what I'm working on with you in the form of articles, videos, and occasionally published books. In the case of the articles and videos, I don't get paid for the content I create and while I do get paid for my books, it's a royalty based payment, and its not a lot of money.

As a result of choosing to focus my energy and effort toward content creation, I'm no longer offering classes or consultations, because they are a distraction from the work I am called to do. If I am to truly serve my community, it will be through the content I create as opposed to doing any consultation or creating classes.

This site has operational costs attached to it. I would like to continue running it, because its a great space to host the content I create, but to do that I need your help. So if you find value in my writing and videos, if my content speaks to you and helps you on your spiritual, please donate to support my ongoing content creation, research, and experimentation. You can donate as often as you want and as much as you want or as little as you want.

Your donations go toward 2 very specific items:

  1. Covering the operational costs of this website and the email service I use to communicate with those of you who subscribe to my e-list and get notifications about my content. 
  2. Any left over donations go to supporting the research, experimentation, and content creation I'm engaged in.

So if my works speaks to you, click the button below and donate to support Magical Experiments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you asking for donations?

I'm asking for donations to support the yearly cost of this website and the email service I use. I prefer this website and that email service because it helps me reach you and share my content (writing and videos) with those of you who find value in my work. If you find value in my work, I'm asking for donations so I can continue to share that work with you. All donations go to operational costs first and research and experimentation second.

Why not use Patreon (or a related donation site)?

I've used Patreon in the past and didn't really like it. For one thing I don't like putting artificial pressures on myself to produce content each month in order to satisfy donors. So I've opted to take this approach, where you can choose to donate as often as you wish, and I can produce content as and when I'm capable of doing it.

Sometimes life happens and instead of being placed on a schedule to produce content, I'd rather produce it as and when the moment strikes me and the work is relevant. That said, there is tons of content on this site, so you'll always get something of value from my work and I'm pretty prolific in general, but I find that my creativity and productivity thrives best without artificial pressures created by a need to produce content every month.

Why should I donate?

I get why you might be skeptical about donating. After all I'm choosing to write and create videos regardless, so you might question why you'd want to. But the truth is, I do this work in my rare spare time. I work a full time job, have a family I want to spend time with, and I fit my writing and video making in the midst of that. And the writing and videos are for the most part profitless. The only time I make money is when I sell books and the royalties aren't a lot to speak of. So your donations go to support my ability to create content and share that content with you. If that's valuable to you, please donate and support it. Your support helps me continue to do this work and makes a difference in my life.