Learn the mysteries of Inner Alchemy, the fusion of energy and life!

In the Inner Alchemy Series, Taylor Ellwood shows you how to master meditation, cultivate your internal energy and make the cells, neurotransmitters and microbial life of your body into potent spiritual allies. Unlock the hidden potential of your body with Inner Alchemy!

Volume 1: Inner Alchemy: Energy work and the Magic of the Body


Learn how to unlock the hidden potential of your body…

Do you feel unhappy with your body, your life, or mental outlook?

So was I.

But then I began a journey of exploration that would not only change my life for the better, but also showed me that I have a connection with this planet that can only be understood by first understanding the environment of my body.

Sound new agey?

Perhaps, but until you know your body, you won’t know the impact you have on the world around you. We are interconnected with each other and our world and when we harm ourselves, we harm this planet as well. In Inner Alchemy, I show you the first step toward undoing the damage and healing both yourself and the planet. I show you the practical magic of the body and how it can change your relationship with the universe.

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Find and work with neurotransmitters as spirit guides

  • Balance your internal energy with external energy

  • Use your body fluids in magic rituals

  • Work magic using your DNA

  • Consciously change your attitude and outlook on life

Your body is a miraculous universe waiting to be explored, and Inner Alchemy opens the path to your microcosmic journey. You will learn the practical magic of the body and how it can help you change your life.

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Volume 2: Inner Alchemy of Life: Practical Magic for Bio-Hacking your Body


Unlock the Alchemy of Life within you…

Inner Alchemy of Life is a guide to the life within your body and teaches you how to spiritually connect and work with that life. Taylor Ellwood shares the practical magic techniques he developed for bio-hacking your body and working with neurotransmitters and microbial life of the body as spiritual allies that can help you enhance your health and overall quality of life. In this book you'll learn real magic techniques including:

  • How to create your own alphabet of desire to work with the spirits of the body.

  • How to use meditation to change the biochemistry of your body.

  • How to improve your body's health by working with the spirits of the body.

  • How to make life style changes using neurotransmitters.

Inner Alchemy of Life allows you to access the sacred mysteries of your body and develop a conscious and alchemical relationship with the life that exists within you. Transform your connection with your body with the Inner Alchemy of Life.

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