Welcome to Magical Experiments University

Magical Experiments University is a school for learning how and why magic works as well as exploring the cutting edge of magical experimentation. If you're here, you're looking for something different from the usual magical courses offered and that's exactly what you'll get.

My aim is to present magic to you without all the esoteric language and superstitions. In short, what you get is a practical approach to magic that helps you explore what magic can do and how you can practice it.

You can sign up for individual courses or you can sign up for a premium membership where you not only get access to all present and future courses, but additional membership perks that are only available through the premium membership. Below are just a few of the courses...

Learn why your magic isn't working and what you can do to fix it and get the results you're looking for.

The core mechanics of magic revealed and explained. This will radically change how you understand and practice magic.

The ultimate guide to sigils! Learn how to create and modify sigils to get consistent results.

Get ALL the courses of Magical Experiments University and other benefits that are just for students of the University.


Who is the Teacher?

Classes are taught by Taylor Ellwood, author of Pop Culture Magic, Space/Time Magic, and other books of magic. You can see videos of him teaching magic here. Taylor has been practicing and experimenting with magic for over 20 years.

How does Magical Experiments University Work?

The classes are set up to be sequential. What you learn in one class sets you up for the next class. However you can start wherever you want to. I recommend starting with the class, Why Your Magic isn't Working, which explores in depth problems you may be having with your magical work. At this time I currently only have a few classes available, but I'm creating additional content each month. If you're a premium member you actually get to vote on what classes I'll be creating in the future.

Whether you sign up for a class or the premium membership, you can securely sign up via paypal or credit card. All transactions are secure. After you've signed up, you can watch the classes on any device, at any time. With a membership subscription, you get access to all present and future classes, for as long as you're a member.

Can I get a refund on a class?

You can contact me within 7 days to get a refund on a class, provided you show me you've done the work. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.


I decided to take this course for I was searching for a way to synthesize various magical influences I have experienced over the years in my magical journey. The course material is written in a clear style and there are no vague mystifications often found in magical texts. In the beginning the students are encouraged to examine all the elements of their magical practice.

Taylor helps you to fully recognize your own definitions and mechanics of Magic that no other books or any other materials could not succeed to address. Then you will be introduced to ways to examine magical links and basis of altered states of consciousness for successful operations. One of greatest points in this course is you can have benefit from it no matter what your magical background is. It is perfectly designed to focus on core workings of Magic, so any person who has interest in any forms of magical practices will found it to be easily applicable to their own daily practice. - Testimonial from Yutaka Furuki

Taylor Ellwood's approach to magic looks at your life, looks at what you want to change and then uses your magic to improve the situation. If it does not work, improve your magic! Magic is a creative process that ties intimately into our lives and changes not only an outward situation but the magician itself.

In the beginning you will take a look at that process, something I have never seen discussed before. After that Taylor Ellwood supplies a large tool box for magical work. It ranges from creative techniques like using cut-ups to the creation of magical entities tailor-made for the magician's needs.

In no time you are doing magic that improves your life instead of reading about magic or pondering about what magic could do for you if only you could find the time to actually start practicing it. I can recommend this course for everyone who would like to become the active shaper of his or her live again. - Testimonial from Wolf Kaminski

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