Welcome to Magical Experiments, the online home of occult author and spiritual coach Taylor Ellwood. I offer the following services:

Magical Apprentice Program

I work with you one-on-one as your magical mentor. You will share with me your current magical work and projects so I can provide you advice and we’ll also work on some of my projects.

Tarot Readings 

If you are seeking information about a situation in your life, then a Tarot Reading can be the perfect tool to help you get clarity. I can do tarot readings on any topic that you need answers for.

Professional Speaking

Do you need a speaker for your event, or workshops for your store? I’m a professional speaker, who’s spoken at events such as Florida Pagan Gathering, Heartland, Pantheacon, Paganicon, Convocation, and Between the Worlds. I provide fun, insightful talks on the cutting edge of magic that will inspire the attendees of your convention. I also speak on Pagan and Occult publishing.

Way of the Magician Mystery School

The Way of the Magician Mystery School is a fusion of Western Magic, Eastern Mysticism, and contemporary disciplines applied to spiritual work. I offer both correspondence and live courses for those who are interested in learning a process oriented approach to their magical work.