Get a Dual-Deck Tarot Reading!

I offer dual-deck tarot readings, a special type of tarot reading that is designed to not only help you get clarity and focus for your life, but also open up the paths of possibilities that will best help you manifest your desired reality.

How it works

I use the elemental hexagon deck and alchemy deck together to do tarot readings. The advantages of using two decks with each other is that you get more detailed information, as well as access to more possibilities which can be aligned to influence reality in your favor.

Additionally I don't use a specific spread. Instead I create free form spreads for each situation. The value of a free form spread is that there are no prescribed positions for the cards to be in. This produces more accurate and meaningful readings that help my clients manifest the solutions they need into reality.

You will get the following when you get a reading with me:

  • The dual-deck, free form reading where you can pick out as many cards as needed to get perspective on your situation, and examine details around it.

  • Questions to help you uncover any issues that are blocking you.

  • A recording of the reading to listen to afterwards.

  • My coaching expertise and background, which helps me ask the right questions and helps you show up effortlessly in discovering the solution to your problems.

  • More than a reading, the dual-deck reading will help us start aligning favorable possibilities that help you manifest the results you’re seeking.

    What’s the investment?

The investment is a one time payment of $50. What you get for that investment is:

  • A half-hour one-on-one reading with me.

  • A recording of the reading to listen to anytime.

  • The discovery and alignment of favorable possibilities that help you manifest desired results in your life.

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