Learn the mysteries of Inner Alchemy, the fusion of energy and life!

In the Inner Alchemy Series, Taylor Ellwood shows you how to master meditation, cultivate your internal energy and make the cells, neurotransmitters and microbial life of your body into potent spiritual allies. Unlock the hidden potential of your body with Inner Alchemy!

Volume 1: Inner Alchemy: Energy work and the Magic of the Body


In Inner Alchemy: Energy Work and the Magic of the Body you'll explore spaces unknown and places unvisited, right within your own body! The alchemy of the body and all of its mysteries are a fascinating realm, but often people ignore this realm, taking for granted the miracle that that they have around them everyday.

Have you ever wondered how you could work with your senses more? Or have you wondered when you've been sick if what you're feeling is remotely useful? Inner Alchemy answers these questions and more! Explore the depths of your brain and meet neurotransmitter spirit guides who will guide you to better physical and psychological health. Discover the miracle within your DNA. Learn about energy work and what it can offer you.

Coming Soon: The Alchemy of Life!