Magical Experiments Manifesto

Magical Experimenters are innovative and creative mad scientists who blends non-occult disciplines with magical practices and get consistent results that change your life.

Magical Experimenters are insatiably curious, asking questions and discovering the answers by looking outside the conventional and embracing the improbable to discover the hidden mysteries of the universe.

Magical Experimenters know how magic works and knows how to bend the rules to get results.

Magical Experimenters are reality hackers who use what's relevant to them in their magical practice, whether its pop culture media, space/time or anything else that helps them get the results they want. 

Magical Experimenters are never bound by tradition or magical orders or spell books or doing magic a specific way because that's the way magic has always been done.

Magical Experimenters create their own magical systems, develop their own magical workings and challenge what is known by venturing into the unknown.

Magical Experimenters

Create their own magical works

Innovate their own magical solutions

Transform the potential of imagination into the reality of manifestation

I am a Magical Experimenter.