What is Magical Experiments?

I've always been a rebel, when it comes to magic.

I am against the following:

  • Needless and rigid adherence to tradition for tradition's sake.
  • Telling people what is or isn't real magic (especially when you can't come up with your own original workings)
  • Conventional 101 explanations of magic that you find in most books written about magic.
  • Valuing what is old over new.
  • Prescriptive magic, spells, grimoires, etc. that don't help you understand how magic works.
  • People asking me questions about magic but not doing the damn work or wanting everything provided to them for free.
  • Discouraging people from experimenting with magic.

I am for the following:

  • Taking responsibility for your own spiritual and magical work.
  • Experimenting with magic and challenging your own assumptions, values, and beliefs in the process.
  • Testing who you are and refining yourself through the spiritual work you do.
  • Applying a multi-discipline approach to magic to discover how different disciplines and practice can improve your magical work. 
  • Applying your imagination to change reality.
  • Discovering the hidden potential of magic and yourself and using it.
  • Creating new systems, processes and techniques of magic.

That's what magical experiments is about. If you want to learn more, grab one of my workbooks or read my blog.