I'm Taylor Ellwood. I began practicing magic when I was 16, but even before I was 16 I wanted magic to be real. I would read fantasy books and wonder what it would be like actually practice magic. Then when I was 16, I discovered Magic as real. A friend of mine sat me and down and told me about his magical experiences and at the end I asked him for books to read. Thus began my life long love relationship with magic.

What’s really driven me to practice magic is my insatiable curiosity. I had lots of questions as a kid and those questions have only multiplied since, but what Magic provided me was a means to get answers and ask more questions. It provided me a way to explore my sense of self, my place in the universe and of course the various mysteries of the universe.

When I first started practicing magic I learned neo-shamanic and Hermetic practices of magic. Right from the beginning I blended the two practices together and started experimenting to see what could be done with magic. I eventually learned Quabalah, Ceremonial and Ritual Magic, Chaos Magic. Taoist meditation, and Dzogchen Meditation. All of these practices continue to be a part of my magical work and yet throughout all of them I have tried experiment and explore how they could be melded together.

And my experimentation hasn’t stopped there. I have also created my own magical systems around my interests:

  • Pop Culture Magic - My system for applying magic to pop culture and modern media.

  • Space/Time Magic - My system for applying elements of space, time, imagination and memory to create results.

  • Inner Alchemy - My system for working with cells and neurotransmitters and the body.

  • Magical Identity - My system of identity work used to change your internal beliefs.

My experimentation with magic hasn’t always been welcomed by the occult community. I’ve been told that I’m reinventing the wheel or that I don’t practice real magic or that nothing I’m doing is original. I’ve never let the small-minded criticism stop my magical experimentation or work. The simple truth is that magic, like anything else, needs to continue to evolve and change to meet the needs of the times, and that’s one of the significant drivers behind my own work.

I experiment with magic because I want to see what it can and can’t do and because I want to evolve the discipline of magic, to explore the mysteries and questions that are waiting to be discovered. And since you’re here, I welcome you to do the same with me.

I am continually refining and developing my magical work, which I share with you in my blog. You can also check out my free workbook below, where I walk you through a simple 4 step process of how magic works.

I also write fiction, which you can find on my sister website Imagine Your Reality.