April 2016 Magical Experiments Podcasts and Book Review

Copyright Taylor Ellwood 2016 Magical Experiments Radio: The Second panel of finding the Masculine in Goddess spiral featuring Philipp Kessler, Robert Alvarez, David Kling and Erick DuPree

Magical Experiments Radio: Pagan Leadership Panel with Manny Tejeda, Bill Duvendack and Karen Tate

Magical Experiments Radio: The Third panel of Finding the masculine in Goddess Spiral featuring Erick Dupree, Mathew Sawicki and Anthony Rella

Magical Experiments Radio: Demonolatry for the Win Panel with Felix Warren and Stephanie Connolly.

I was recently interviewed about Inner Alchemy and my work with neurotransmitters on live paranormal.

Book Review: Molecular Consciousness by Francoise Tibika

I will admit I was hoping for a book that shared possible techniques about how to communicate with your molecules. This book did not reveal such techniques. It's a good primer for explaining physics and showing that there is some type of communication occurring with molecules, but the author doesn't provide much else beyond that. If you're looking to understand the physics, this is a good book. If you're looking for something deeper or more engaging, you won't find it here.