Latest releases from Immanion press

Immanion Press/Megalithica Books would like to announce its two newest nonfiction releases! We now have both of these books in stock here at the Green Wolf, so here's the official announcement. Women's Voices in Magic edited by Brandy Williams is a phenomenal collection of essays from female occultists and magicians. People often think of female magical practitioners as mainly witches and neopagans, and the areas of ceremonial and chaos magic as more male-dominated. The essayists in this collection would like to disagree, some politely, some not! We discuss everything from our historical predecessors to the effects pregnancy has on magic, dealing with discrimination by other occultists for our sex, and how we work to change the assumptions that are made about us. Click here for more details, including a list of essays, and ordering info!

As for our other release--chaos magic has been around for a few decades now, and some would argue that it's long since gone stale, assimilated into a more mainstream, image-oriented form of occultism. Liber 767 vel Boeingus by Josef Karika takes chaos magic back to its exploratory, experimental, and lovingly irreverent roots. Based on the author's fifteen years of practical experience, and written with a good dose of humor, this text includes a wide variety of ideas for magical practice, from new takes on sigils and servitors and technological magic, to innovative ways to work with memories and dopplegangers. Here's where you can find more info, and place your order!