Magical Experiments March 2016 podcasts and book review

Copyright Taylor Ellwood 2016 Magical Experiments Radio: Interview with Courtney Weber about how to cultivate a relationship with Deity.

Magical Experiments Radio: Pagan Leadership Panel with Rev. Judith Laxer, Philipp Kessler and Diana Rajchel

Magical Experiments Radio: Finding the Masculine in Goddess Spiral panel with Erick Dupree, Robert Scott, Robert Baggani, and Gwion Raven

Magical Experiments Radio: The Ethics of Pop Culture Magic with S. Rune Emerson

Radio Interview: I was interviewed about Pop Culture Magic 2.0 by Ancient Salvage Yard Podcast.

Book Review: Influence Science and Practice by Robert Cialdini

This was a fascinating book to read because the author explores specific behaviors people do that can be used to influence other people, as well as sharing how to defend against those behaviors. As I read the book I implemented his suggestions and found it was much easier to recognize situations where people were trying to influence and manipulate choices. This is a must read book to help you recognize these behaviors and defend against them. What this book will help you do is recognize how people are influenced, and why, and what to look for in whatever situation you are in, as well as what to do to counter those behaviors.