New books from Immanion Press - May 2011

We have 3 news books out From Megalithica Books, which is the Non-Fiction imprint of Immanion Press. Fulltrui: Patrons in Asatru

Throughout history, the ancient Northern people claimed themselves devoted to their gods. In many of the sagas and folklore, the ancients even trace back lineage directly to the divine. Today, in modern heathenry close personal relationships with deities have returned with full force. FULLTRÚI examines this phenomenon by showing real life examples of people living with patron gods.

The Inner Guide to the Megaliths by Alan Richardson

Megalithic remains are still scattered across the countryside thousands of years after being built, and their meaning – like dreams – are often the subject of intense and varying interpretation. Ordinary folk have been unexpectedly touched by these ancient sites, had the most inexplicable experiences, and have felt their own lives enlarged.

Advancing the Witches Craft by Marcus Griffin

What would you do if one of the most powerful magical forces imaginable were within your grasp? There is an entity that exists on the spirit plane that, in its purist form, is an astral projection of your magical self. And the only boundary it knows is you. This unknown entity is your shadow spirit, your “other”. Through as series of exercises, guided meditations and realignment, you will discover how to contact and join with this entity to obtain a flow of magical power and balance you never thought possible. Advancing the Witches’ Craft delves deeply into this greatly untapped resource of power that has always been available to every Witch.