Re-doing my daily meditations

Something I've been working on, with my daily meditations is taking my time and slowing down what I do, so I really focus on the intention I'm bringing to those meditations. It has been easy in the past to end up treating those meditations as an automatic routine, which on one hand, is useful in terms of programming the concepts into someone, but on the other hand can actually take away from the result that those meditations provide. So I've slowed down my process, focused more on the breathing and each movement, allowing myself to really invest in the intention I put into these daily workings. My daily work grounds me, provides order to disorder, and otherwise enables me to achieve some clarity in my life. When I don't treat it in a manner that is respectful of that process and the results that go with it, I find that it becomes less effective, part of the background noise and less relevant to my life. Not surprisingly, my spirituality suffers as a result, for I don't feel as connected to it when it becomes something which is automatic as opposed to intentionally thought out and felt.

Stopping and really consciously focusing on my breath in the meditations has also put me into that moment, where nothing else exists, and all there is, is the breath, and whatever issues come up that need dissolving. So I'm going to keep slowing down what I do, so I can focus on the process more, and make it less automatic.