Revisiting Fire Breathing

Flame I've recently started doing Fire Breathing meditation (also known as the microcosmic orbit) again. I'd taken a break from it a few years back because I'd progressed to a certain point with it where the information I had access to wasn't correct and ended up making myself physically ill. Once I stopped doing the fire breathing work and did some water breathing meditation, I was able to undo the damage and figured I'd take some time to do some more research on the breathing meditation and find better resources than I had access to. I've been re-reading Qigong Meditation Small Circulation by Dr Jwing-Ming Yang, which is an excellent resource on this topic, and I got to a place where some of that information clicked in a new way and I knew I was ready to start doing fire breathing meditation once again.

Thanks to the combination of Water Breathing Meditation and the work I've done with stillness via Dzogchen meditation, I've found that my internal energy is much more primed to do the microcosmic orbit work so I've started adding fire breathing to my meditation practice, usually after everything else has concluded. For the moment, I'm just focusing on the microcosmic orbit. I'll probably stick with that for a while before starting up the macrocosmic orbit, in order to condition my internal energy and my body to the way fire meditation works.

I waited to go back to this particular practice until I knew the time was right to do so. I recognize that while part of the issue may have been the material I was drawing on, part of it also may have been that I simply wasn't ready for the type of work I was doing. But with this kind of work you can "know" when you are ready and that's what happened recently. I'll post occasional updates as I continue to do the work, and record what's happening and how the meditation and energy work is affecting me.

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