Round 1 of the Space/Time Magic Weekend intensive starts in March!

stmOn March 30th, my first Weekend intensive for Space/Time Magic will start at 10am, and will end on March 31st at 4pm. In the time between, participants who take this class will learn about Space/Time magic, specifically the system of magic and tradition I've created around this topic. This class will include material I've never published, as well as teaching participants how to customize concepts from my books Space/Time Magic and Magical Identity. I'm offering an early bird special for this class. If you sign up by March 10th, you will only pay 180 to take this class. If you sign up after the 10th, you'll pay 220 for the class. This is an in-person class, based in Portland, OR, which means we will meet in person for the training. When you take the class you will get the following:

  • A detailed exploration of the elements of space and time and how they apply to magic.
  • Introduction to the dual-deck system of Tarot reading and how it can be used for space/time enchantments.
  • How to apply retroactive magic to create the right circumstances of space and time.
  • Space/Time Magic techniques that you can use to achieve practical results.
  • How to use retroactive magic to make changes in your behavior.
  • Space/Time Meditation practices that you can use to connect with alternate versions of yourself as well as your past and future selves.
  • Connection with Space/Time Inner Contacts who will guide you in your continued work with the Space/Time Magic System.
  • Unpublished material that is specific for the class.

Want to know more about the class or how to sign up? Contact me.