Round 7 of The Process of Magic Starts on Dec 11


Round 7 of the Process of Magic class starts on Wednesday December 11th.

Magic is a process that changes you and your relationship with the world, if you understand how the process works.

In this 24 lesson class, we will explore what the process of magic is and how it applies to you and your magical work. If you’re looking for a different perspective on magic that explores the underlying principles of how magic works, instead of focusing on the tools, ceremonies, and other optional features, this class is for you.

I decided to take Taylor Ellwood’s Process of Magic class after many years of magical practice and study as a way to reboot my work. I’ve been involved with a few traditions but have generally been very eclectic in my approach. In my view eclecticism is a strength if you can find a way to synthesize all of those disparate takes on the magical path. Taylor has stripped away most of the window dressings associated with magic. Instead of focusing on style and aesthetics he focuses on the roots of practice and the processes underlying them. For those who are already involved in magic but are wondering how to weave together the rich variety of strands available to us in the 21st century, examining the processes that underly all magic, no matter the flavor, is an excellent place to start. For newcomers and beginners this course will help you quickly move beyond the 101 stage and help you start getting your hands dirty with practical magic.

Testimonial from Justin Patrick Moore

Outline of the class

Lesson 1: An overview of the process of magic Lesson 2: You and Definitions of Magic Lesson 3: Results, Change, and their respective roles in magic Lesson 4: The anatomy of the process of magic Lesson 5: Culture, Ethics and Ideology Lesson 6: What isn't essential to the process of magic Lesson 7: Connection and its role in the magical process Lesson 8: Intention, Attention, and Magic Lesson 9: Inhibitory Actions and Magic Lesson 10: Excitatory Actions and Magic Lesson 11: Internal Work Lesson 12: Spiritual allies and the magical process Lesson 13: Invocation 1 Lesson 14: Invocation 2 Lesson 15: Evocation 1 Lesson 16: Evocation 2 Lesson 17: Divination Lesson 18: Enchantment Lesson 19: Astral Projection Lesson 20: Banishing Lesson 21: Attunement with the land Lesson 22: The Role of Limitation in the Process of Magic Lesson 23: The role of Transformation in the Process of Magic Lesson 24: The role of Mundane actions in the Process of Magic

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