Cells and Time

Today I did another meditation with the cells of my body for purposes of developing a better understanding of how they interface with time. The understanding I got from my interaction was that time was a cyclical indicator of not only their activities, but also lifespan. The internal clock they have, when functioning correctly regulates the lifespan and keeps the body communicating and working together. I got the sense that cancer, when it occurred, seemed to occur partially because the time function of the cell was no longer calibrated with the rest of the body. So it seems that time, as cells experience it, is essential for regulating and synchronizing the communication between cells and keeping the body functioning. It's a schedule keeper and regulator, which suggests that tampering with it could lead to unpleasant consequences. I'll be continuing further work in this area, and as always I find it fascinating to plumb the depths of the body and how it interacts.