I had a headache today. It would not go away, even after I took painkillers. It was in for the long haul. I ate some food and after I cleaned the dishes, I went into the bedroom. I couldn't string together a cohesive thought in words because of the pain. All I could really do was feel the pain. I laid down and decided to meditate on the pain, to be present with the headache instead of trying to deny it. There's a message there, I figured...the headache had something to say. Nothing mystical or spiritually heavy to impart so don't get your hopes up. I wasn't enlightened, I didn't have the heavens open to birth some revelation.  I just meditated on the pain. I felt each throb of the headache and recognized I needed to slow down the blood...so deeper breaths, a message to heart saying "Slow down, relax". The pain diminishes a bit. Next I focus on feeling the passage of the pain...not where the pain is, but how the pain is traveling in my brain. It seems to be traveling from the back of my head, the occipital portion I believe, to the eyes, or vice versa...

So I begin to lightly massage the pain, to open up the circulation, and spread out the energy, because it pretty much is a case of too much visual stimulation, too much energy in traveling in one direction, sorta like I-5 in Seattle...too many cars and you can't go anywhere...so I start redirecting and re-distributing the energy and the pain continues to lessen. It's less intense. I continue this until eventually the pain is gone. There's a faint lingering presence in one eye for a bit, but it's already dissipating, being massaged and moved in different directions, different places...vented and redistributed to balance the whole. The back of my neck on the right side is also bothering me, partially because my muscle in my upper right back is bothering me so that's another potential cause of the headache. I'll work on dissolving the tension on those, but it could take a while...I'll really have to scan and feel my entire back and start on the area with the least tension, gradually moving to the deeper areas of tension, which will get loosened as I do this because the areas with less tension are already loosened...it's a recognition that just focusing on the symptom doesn't really work, especially because the symptom is an expression, but not the cause of the issue.