jim morrison

Drawing on Pop Culture Influences

I like to experiment with pop culture in a variety of different facets in my life. Recently I needed to MC a local business event and beforehand I decided that I'd draw on Jim Morrison's (from the Doors) influence. He was a charismatic person who could really rev up his audience.  To draw on his influence, I listed to the album An American Prayer. I thought it was most useful, especially because it includes some of his poetry. I was very selective about what I'd draw on from him. I didn't want to draw on any of the self-destructive habits or behaviors he'd exhibited. I just wanted access to his eloquence and showman ship. To draw on that, I said the first few lines of An American Prayer (Is everyone in? Is everyone in? The ceremony is about to Begin...Wake-up!!!). I didn't say to it anyone, but I did say it aloud, and then I allowed those parts of his persona to interact with mine.

I did an excellent job with MCing the event. I had a number of people come up afterwards and tell me that they really enjoyed how I presented the event and walked people through it. Even today, I got a compliment from someone who'd been at the event last week. Any praise I received I offered to Morrison.

For experimental purposes, what interested me most was doing a working where I'd draw very selectively on the entity in question. I found it very useful to only focus on specific attributes I wanted. By being very clear about this, the invocation I did effectively allowed me to draw on what I needed without any unwanted contamination.

I think this approach could be applied to more traditional entities as well as other pop culture entities. It comes down to identifying both the desired and undesired attributes, so that you can draw on what will help you, without bringing along unwanted behaviors or actions. Selective invocation of attributes is possible as long as you can identify the attributes you want to draw on.