A journey across time

I stare out into the infinite web of timeThe countless spirals of the past unwind the endless promises of the future unbind to the infinite reach of the present where all is one and one is all zero and one

the spider goddess of time weaves her web of silver trails with spirals made to cross the points where linear time bogs us down

She tells me: let it go other possibilities arise where one fails, others will unfold the web is infinite, boundless full of potential and promises waiting to be discovered

My left eye is closed, my right eye open In the left I see the past falling away In the right, the infinite stretch of silver potential futures blinding, blinding, will the scales ever fall off my eyes?

I am everywhere, nowhere, and in the weft of the spider goddess's web

Time reveals what space conceals I let go of any consistency and float into wherever time places me I put my hands together in prayer and silver webs of time come forth to bind possibilities into space and manifest reality in this place. All streams of light elongate, unfold, become an infinity of 8 cycle in, cycle out where are you going, when will you know? Reality is everything that nothing wishes to be but within nothing resides the potential that reality has forgot.