Listening to the Universe: A story about Space/Time Magic

Today, after a networking meeting, one of my fellow business people came up and mentioned Toastmasters to me. Earlier in the week, someone I'd met up with to discuss some possibilities for public speaking also mentioned Toast Masters to me. Now I'm a fairly good public speaker, but no matter how good you are at something there's always room for improvement, and I realized that I was getting a message that looking into Toast Masters could definitely benefit me. Now on the surface, two people telling me about Toast Masters doesn't seem all that magical or occult, and to be honest I don't think it was overtly magical at all. However, what interested me about that situation, is that it's reminded me of a number of other situations over the years where, in one form or another I've been intuitively informed of opportunities or possibilities that I knew I had to follow through on. In fact everytime I didn't follow through on those possibilities, I'd regret it shortly after, but each time I have followed through on the possibilities presented to me, I've always been pleased with the results.

I attribute part of this to one of the very first entities I created: Cerontis. I wrote about Cerontis in Creating Magical Entities, but to recap, Cerontis is an entity in charge of notifying me of possibilities that would be advantageous for me to follow through on. He doesn't act on those possibilities. He just notifies me of them. It's up to me as to whether or not I choose to follow through on them. He's a space/time entity, but a very passive one. He works best by pinging me through my intuition about possibilities.

So when I have lots of incidents like what I described above, I peg some of it to Cerontis and to the universe working through him to ping me about possibilities. Sometimes the best magic is passive, something subtle, that does just enough to put the right set of possibilities in front of you.