A few examples of how I changed my own aesthetics of magic

Aesthetics of magic I thought I would share a few examples of how my own aesthetics of magic have changed. The first two examples are recent ones that have to do with art magic, but the final example is really a discussion of how my use of magical tools has changed over the years and why. I'd originally intended to share these answers in a class I'm teaching, but after a bit of back and forth with my friend Felix decided to make a video discussing these examples, because its a good way to continue fleshing my own thoughts on the aesthetics of magic and where that really fits in my own work. I'm sure I'll be doing some further work around this line of inquiry because there's a lot to consider and explore.

In the video below I share the three examples of changing aesthetics in my own magical work.

And if you want to learn more about the principles of magic...

Principles of Magic