A Space and Time poem

The aligning of space and timeinto each other as separate elements yet conjoined by human perception as one element

In sacred space I move to the mysteries of time that show me paths to navigate from one space to the next

Each space is a node that represents person, place, or event Each strand of time is a movement a tempo, a change to the status quo

Time is the change of movements Space is the grounding of place The perception of time is the awareness of movement in your life taking you somewhen and somewhere

Sacred space is dilation of time to a slow crawl that space my be savored that energy is raised that specific change is programmed into the pacing of time that then moves back to its usual speed moving us to our next space.

Book Review: The Anthropology of Magic (Affiliate Link) by Susan Greenwood

This is one of the better academic texts on magic out there. The author draws both on academic texts and her own experiences as a magic practitioner to knowledgeably discuss magic and how it is treated in the Anthropological field, while successfully arguing that magic represents a different, but equally valid way of understanding the world. If I have one complaint its that the author doesn't draw on actual occult texts. However she does interview magic practitioners and shares her own experiences as well. This is a good book to have, whether you're an academic or an occultist.

4.5 out of 5