A System of Wealth Magic

  At the end of each year, I crunch the numbers and look at the totals for my businesses, in order to get the financial numbers ready for tax season. But one of the other things I do is look at where my income has originated from. In my approach to my business and to financial wealth magic in general, I'm a firm believer in multiple streams of income. I don't feel that relying on just one source of income is wise, but more importantly, I find that what makes magic successful in general is taking a multi-pronged approach to generating the results you want. When I first started working with Bune in 2011, he advised me to create some new income streams and I found that following his advice made a significant difference in my success each year because I have multiple streams.

Bune also advised me to set the streams up so that while their might be a lot of work initially in creating them, there would be very little work needed in maintaining them. Instead, if anything, the low effort streams would help to support and sustain the high efforts stream, creating a kind of resonant wealth energy that would enhance each stream of income. The way I approach financial wealth magic then is to create multiple means of generating wealth, which also spread the wealth energy to other avenues, creating a network of support and sustenance. It's a continual process that has no real end, so much as it has refinement.

A lot of the lessons I've learned in the past year in relationship to running a business are being applied to this approach to wealth magic. When I set out to create a new income stream, I test the process out multiple times until I'm certain it will work. For example, I'm in the process of testing out webinar technology. First I'll do a free workshop, and if that works, I'll try something else with it and continue refining it until it becomes what I need it to be and feeds into the rest of the network to help enhance and support what is already there. There's not a lot of magic involved in this, beyond the fact that approaching wealth in this way wasn't something I'd conceived of until I chose to work with a specific entity and allowed it to offer insights and advice that could focus my efforts in specific ways I might not have thought of before.

I don't think money magic is the same as wealth magic. Money magic is used to solve a problem. Wealth magic is used to create a system that generates specific outcomes. I prefer the latter approach and I'm glad that Bune steered me toward it through his advice. The actual network itself is of course comprised of very specific actions, services, and products, and may not seem overtly magical, but wealth magic isn't always about the magic you could do so much as the system you create. That system can be very magical in its own way, especially when you treat it as a way of thinking and being that modifies your approach to whatever else you do. I work the system and the system works me and what is created is both a very conscious act of magic and an unconscious conditioning of skills and patterns that can be executed and replicated with very little effort once everything is put into place.

Do you approach wealth magic as a system and if so what kind of system would you describe it as?

Book Review: Born for Love by Maia Szalavitz and Bruce Perry

In Born for Love the authors explore the relationship between love and empathy via neuroscience and social science, showing why love is important for healthy development and relationships and also why it is endangered in our society. This is a compelling book to read that helped me understand how to connect better with my wife, family and friends, as well as understand love in a holistic way. This book will give you a lot to think about in regards to love and its place in your life. the case studies and examples the authors draw on illustrate the importance of love and what happens when love isn't in a person's life.