Advanced Manifesting Wealth Magic Teleclass happens on July 30th

Manifesting Wealth is about discovering the opportunities that are waiting for you and turning them into realities that manifest the life you want. In the advanced manifesting wealth teleclass, you'll learn what wealth magic is and how you can use it to manifest a life of wealth and success, as well as how to create an identity and plan that proactively supports that manifestation in your life. These principles of magic can fit with any spiritual tradition, while allowing you to enhance the effectiveness of your magical work, as you apply it to your life. You will learn the following in this class:

  • What wealth is and how to define it in your life.
  • Why its important to develop a plan and identity around your wealth.
  • How to implement practical wealth magic principles.
  • Why love and health are part of wealth magic.
  • How to apply wealth magic to your career or business.
  • How to use scarcity to manifest wealth.
  • Plus, Plenty of time for YOUR questions!

Wealth magic is about manifesting a life of quality and success and the people around you. By learning how to apply wealth magic to your life, you can make changes that allow you to get the life you want. When you take this class, you will achieve the following benefits:

  • Discover what wealth truly is for you and have a plan to achieve it.
  • Workshop your wealth magic practices with me to discover how to improve them.
  • How to turn scarcity and failure into your allies.
  • How to discover opportunities and turn them into reality.

Who should attend this class?

This class is for Pagans and Magicians of all spiritual traditions and esoteric orders who are interested in learning how to apply wealth magic principles to their lives and businesses to generate success and happiness for themselves. If you are an armchair Pagan or Magician, then this class isn’t for you.

When does this class meet?

This is a teleclass that meets on Thursday July 30th from 7pm Pacific Standard Time to 8:30pm

Meet the Teacher

Hi, I’m Taylor Ellwood, occult author, magical experiment, and Esoteric books publisher. I love to share my expertise, knowledge, and process with you! I’ve been teaching classes on magic since the late 1990′s. What I love about magic is the endless possibilities for experimentation and process development, as well as how those possibilities can be integrated into existing magical practices!

Learn more about Taylor

When you take this teleclass, you'll get the following bonuses:

  • A recording of the call
  • A free e-book with articles on wealth magic by me.

What is the investment for this class?

The investment for this class is $49. To rsvp for this class, click on the paypal button