Advanced pop culture magic teleclass on June 18th

Pop culture magic isn't just for geeks. It's magic anyone can practice, based on foundation principles of magic, and on the modern culture that is available to all of us. In this class, you'll learn how to apply pop culture to magical practices, as well as how to troubleshoot your pop culture magical workings so you get consistent results. You will also learn:

  • What pop culture is and how to apply it to your magical process.
  • How to contact and work with pop culture entities and deities.
  • How social media can be applied to magical work.
  • How video games and online games can be used to create magical rituals with virtual covens.
  • What board games, comic books, and other pop culture can teach you about magic.
  • and much, much more.

Pop culture magic isn't a fad or a reinvention of the wheel. It is a viable magical system, with room for lots of personalization based on the pop culture of your choice. By learning how to apply pop culture to your magical practice, you'll discover how you can take the pop culture you love and turn it into a viable magical working that produces results and changes your life.

When you take this class you'll achieve the following benefits:

  • Workshop your pop culture magic workings with me, to discover how you can improve on them.
  • Discover how to turn your favorite pop culture into a viable system of magic.
  • Know you aren't alone in practicing pop culture magic and get connected to other people.
  • Learn advanced pop culture magic techniques.

Who should attend this class?

This class is for Pagans and Magicians who want to integrate pop culture into their magical work, or already are and want to improve on their workings. If you're an armchair magician or don't like pop culture, this class isn't for you.

When does this class meet?

This is a teleclass that meets Thursday June 18th from 7pm Pacific Standard time to 8:30pm Pacific Standard Time. When you RSVP, I'll send you the call-in information.

About the Teacher

Hi, I’m Taylor Ellwood, occult author, magical experiment, and Esoteric books publisher. I love to share my expertise, knowledge, and process with you! I’ve been teaching classes on magic since the late 1990's. What I love about magic is the endless possibilities for experimentation and process development.

Learn more about Taylor

When you take this teleclass, you'll also get the following Bonuses:

  • A recording of the teleclass
  • A Free E-book with Pop Culture Magic articles by me.
  • A private online forum to share what you are working on with pop culture magic.

What's the Investment?

The investment for this class is $49. To sign up click on the paypal button below. Once you've signed up I'll send you the relevant call-in information.