An example of how Retroactive Magic works

Photo by  Aron Visuals  on  Unsplash

I thought I would share a practical example of how retroactive magic works. This example pertains to the recent move I made at the end of 2018. In 2018 my family and I lived in a duplex. I had lived there for a decade and most of the time it was a pleasant living experience, but we had new neighbors move in in 2018 and they were the kind of neighbors who were loud and unpleasant to be around, and seemed to lack any awareness of how their actions were impacting our sleep or overall quality of life.

The question I had to consider was what could be done. On the one hand, I liked living in the place and had a lot of good memories. On the other hand, my land lord was powerless to do anything, even when issues were pointed out that demonstrated that the neighbors weren’t honoring the agreement of their lease. The laws around evictions favor the tenants even in cases where its clear the tenants are not honoring the agreement that’s been made. When it became clear the neighbors weren’t going to be evicted I began to consider what else I could about this situation.

In late November I mentioned to my wife that I thought it was time we considered moving. She agreed and mentioned that she had been feeling that way for a little why because of the neighbors and because of a couple other issues. I decided to look up our lease and was pleased to see we only had until the end of January until the lease was up. Clearly it was time to start looking for a new home. So we started looking but experienced a bit of sticker shock when we saw how much rent had risen. We had been fortunate to be at a place where the landlord didn’t obscenely raise the rent and we did debate whether we should just try and stick it out, but after doing some financial research, realized we could afford the higher rent.

So we started looking for a new home. We initially found one right away that seemed perfect, but ended up not working out when we realized they didn’t like pets. And as we kept looking we discovered how hard it was to find a home that would allow us to have more than 2 cats. And when we did find one that might work it was much further out from my work and the landlord lived next door. It was clear to us that we need to start doing some magic that would help us get a better result.

Why not do magic right away? We initially wanted to get a feel for what was available and I think it was good we did. By doing our research we were able to figure out the specific criteria about what we wanted as well as what we didn’t want, in a home. Price was obviously part of the criteria, but we also needed a place that would allow us to have more than two cats, and didn’t charge pet rent. We also wanted a place that didn’t share a wall with anyone else and we wanted a place that was centrally located, yet also quiet and isolated enough that we could enjoy our privacy.

So the night we decided not to go for the one place, I pulled out my two tarot decks and did a reading/enchantment for us that would help us figure out the best choice to make and point us in the right direction of the home we wanted to find. Part of what went into that reading was all the previous efforts we’d made to look for a home. We didn’t want to waste that effort, but instead took the energy of it and applied it toward the reading/enchantment so that we could get a result that was ideal for us. What the reading indicated was that settling for the one home wasn’t ideal and that staying where we were also wasn’t a good idea. But it also indicated we’d find a new home if we kept looking. After the reading wrapped up, my wife got an intuition, checked a site we were using to find potential homes, and lo and behold we found the place we’re now living. It was ideal and although there were a couple details that needed to be ironed out, we knew it was the place we were looking for.

Within the week we secured the place and at the same time I contacted my previous landlord and was able to make an arrangement with him that got us out of our old lease a bit early without paying a full month’s rent and being able to transition the utilities to his name. Everything else lined up smoothly and by the end of December we were in our new home. And the new home has met our criteria. We don’t share a wall with a neighbor, we have quiet neighbors and our home is secluded and yet has access to everything we want access to. The commute to our respective workplaces is shorter and the energy of the place, overall size, etc fits what we need for where we are. And we could rent it with all four of our cats.

Where does Retroactive magic come into this?

I applied retroactive magic the night I did the tarot reading. I used the tarot reading as a medium through which to work magic that was focused on helping us achieve several specific outcomes.

1. Assess our current situation and the possible outcomes available to us, as well as environmental information we may not have been aware of. This was the divination aspect of the reading and it helped us get a better lay of the land, while also allowing us to look back at the previous work we’d done to find a new place and put it into context with what the reading was telling us.

2. Take the information and experiences, and create a new path forward that would direct us to the place we were fated to live in. I treat my tarot readings as enchantments, so once the cards were laid out and we eliminated the possible paths to focus on the one path that indicated what we needed to do, I used the reading to grab the experiences of the previous month, the emotions we felt about leaving and about our annoying neighbors, and I took all of that and turned it into momentum for creating a result in the present or near future that would get us what we wanted.

This is where the retroactive magic came into play. I couldn’t change the past and what happened, but I could use the past to open up opportunities in our present/future that weren’t readily apparent to us. I could take everything up to that present moment, the experiences and emotions we felt and turn it into raw magical energy that could take a probability and create a path of manifestation for its realization. And that’s what I did.

The result…we got our new home, got out of the old place sooner than later, without having to cover utilities for the last month and only paying a half’s month rent. Everything lined up to help us get where we needed to go. We just needed to use what had already happened to propel us toward where we wanted to go, and to help us achieve the desired result we wanted.