Another application on Space/Time Tarot work

At the Magical Experiments potluck, I shared the dual deck system with the other people, and did several readings. One reading was a birthday reading and it showed some influences the person needed to be aware of that could be problematic. Since I mentioned that these readings can be enchantments, one suggestion was made by Jaymi Elford that the actual direction that nodes faced in could be manipulated in a divination reading, making it into an enchantment, to help a person make changes in his/her life. Good idea. The elemental hexagon deck has six points and the way it's set up is that you have two sides that face to the left and right. Those side are open currents, that allow the influence of that node to flow into a person's life. If a person wants to change the flow of that influence, they change the direction the node faces, so that a point faces the connector. This shuts off the flow of influence that's going toward the person. Obviously, with such a reading a person will need to make changes in his/her life, but this act can start the necessary impetus in the subconscious of the person, planting that seed for change that removes the negative influence from your life. It's another way to use the dual deck system, and what makes it so effective is that by having one set represent connectors and one set represent influences, places, people, etc., you can effectively use the system to change those influences in your life.