Attuning the Spirit Cord through Vocalization

spirit cord One of the practices I've been working with lately is the vocalization of specific sounds for the purposes of clearing the energetic body of blockages, as described in Tibetan Sound Healing. As I've been doing this work, I've also been using the vocalizations to attune my spirit cord to my internal energy, as well as doing the vocalizations to clear out any energetic vibrations that don't belong in the cord. When I've done this work with the cord, I've vocalized the sounds and connected them to the astral version of the cord to vibrate and attune it to the sounds. My reasoning on this really is to actually set it up so that the cord enhances ongoing work I'll be doing using the 5 sounds. By attuning the cord to the sounds, I set it up to enhance and amplify the later work, since the spirit is a record and resonance of the magical work you do with it.

The way the 5 warrior sounds work is as follows: You pick something you will attune to, an emotion or an experience, and then you use each sound to vibrate your chakras or internal energy fields, if you prefer. You do this to simultaneously cleanse the chakras of blockages and to attune them to the specific emotion or experience you want to manifest into your life. What's fascinating to me is that this practice can be done in conjunction with the Zhine practice of stillness, helping you to enter into a deeper state of stillness. Equally of interest is the first sound and last sound are tied together.

The first sound is A (ah) and its used to set the stage for stillness work, helping you to enter a state of mind where you are just being. The last sound Dza (Tsa) is the sound of manifestation, and yet it also ties into and connects with the A sound that the practitioner uses. Tenzin explains that Dza will not work well unless you have some sense of A. What all this really means, in my experience of it, is that you are using all of the sounds to create a path of manifestation and doing just one sound will not effectively create this path, but using all of them will because of how the prepare and focus your internal energy, aligning it to the emotion or experience you want to manifest.

I'm actually using these sounds as part of the elemental balancing work I'm doing with stillness, in conjunction with attuning the spirit cord to the sounds. By attuning the sounds to the spirit cord, I can draw on the past experiences of them stored in the cord and use that to amplify the vocalization of the sounds for the various purposes I'm applying this practice to. In the case of the stillness, work, I enter into a state of Zhine and then vocalize each sound, which puts me into an even deeper state of stillness. The Dza sound is used to manifest the element of stillness into my life directly, so that I can work with it and learn from it in the various experiences I have in the living of my life.

The vocalization has become part of my daily practice. I suspect I'll primarily use it in conjunction with the ongoing elemental work I do, but I also think it could also be used to charge and fire a sigil or for any other related purposes a magician can think of, so long as the principle of manifestation is understood.

Radio Interview: I was interviewed by Scroll of Thoth on my birthday about pop culture magic, magical identity and other topics of interest.

Book Review: Tibetan Sound Healing by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

This book provides detailed instructions on how to work with the five warrior sounds. The accompanying cd is really useful for helping you to learn the sounds, as well as get into the meditation. I've found that combining this with zhine practice is particularly useful, but you can also do this sound work on its own. Highly recommend for anyone interested in learning more about Dzogchen and also learning how to work with sound and energy work. The exercises in this book will help you with any kind of internal work you are engaged in.