Bonding with the Land Part Two

The latest Radio show Next week's show will feature Laura Sherman the Chess Coach. We'll be focusing on what Chess coaching is, how it's used to imagine reality and the discipline it brings people. Not exactly an occult topic per se, but I think it will be illuminating. Plus I like to find spirituality in unusual places.

Bonding with the Land Part 2

Yesterday I got the Blue Dragon tattoo touched up and finalized. It was a two hour session.

The Sea Dragon

As you can see the face has more detail and the tattoo is even bluer than it was before.

The Sea Dragon 2

And here is the otherside.

Yesterday, getting tattooed was just as interesting as the first experience. I felt the spirit of the dragon come awake as the tattooing began. As I was inked I felt the dragon imbue more energy into the process, even as it drew on the pain I felt to connect it to me. I also used the same mental technique I used last time to not so much block the pain as not make it prevalent. For lack of better word, I felt the pain, but I also distanced myself from it. As the inking occurred I once again felt connection to the land, but this time it felt more like a sense of closure occurring. When the inking finished I felt the dragon slip back into the ink itself and I felt it settle very frmly into place...I also felt the connection to the land fit into me in a way that it hadn't quite before. It was a final fitting as it were. Afterwards, I felt uncharacteristically tired and a bit out of it for most of that day. I felt drained really...It wasn't the same as the first was the finalizing of that experience and that bit of waiting had I supposed built up and then was finally released.