Charity special for Round 2 of the Process of Magic

For this week until Saturday the 18th, if you sign up for the Process of Magic class, I will donate half of your sign-up fee to Stepping Stones, which is a charity that helps Nigerian children accused of being Witches to reintegrate into their lives, as well as providing education, clothing, and other services to those children. This is a charity I support each time I do this class as a way of helping people who've been accused of being something they are not, being driven out, and/or killed as a result.

You get the satisfaction of helping some people in need, plus the opportunity to take a class that examines magic from a process oriented perspective. Below is an outline of the course:

Lesson 1: An overview of the process of magic

Lesson 2: You and Definitions of Magic

Lesson 3: Results, Change, and their respective roles in magic

Lesson 4: The anatomy of the process of magic

Lesson 5: Culture, Ethics and Ideology

Lesson 6: What isn't essential to the process of magic

Lesson 7: Connection and its role in the magical process

Lesson 8: Intention, Attention, and Magic

Lesson 9: Inhibitory Actions and Magic

Lesson 10: Excitatory Actions and Magic

Lesson 11: Internal Work

Lesson 12: Spiritual allies and the magical process

Lesson 13: Invocation 1

Lesson 14: Invocation 2

Lesson 15: Evocation 1

Lesson 16: Evocation 2

Lesson 17: Divination

Lesson 18: Enchantment

Lesson 19: Astral Projection

Lesson 20: Banishing

Lesson 21: Attunement with the land

Lesson 22: The Role of Limitation in the Process of Magic

Lesson 23: The role of Transformation in the Process of Magic

Lesson 24: The role of Mundane actions in the Process of Magic and What is your process of Magic?