Draining Possibilities

Typical approaches to space/time magic tend to focus on generating possibilities, or at least becoming aware of them. A different approach however can be found in the idea of draining or negating possibilities. In Space/Time Magic I explained that you could visualize multiple possibilities as balloons and then pop the ones you didn't want, while putting their energy into the possibility you did want. It's a useful technique and it works well, but I'm always looking for ways I can improve on what I and others do. Lately, I've been experimenting with draining possibilities away, until there's only one possibility left. The way this works is that you first determine what possibility you want to bring into existence and then you identify other possibilities that you don't want to bring into existence. You then drain the unwanted possibilities, removing all potential of them occurring. Naturally, you can redirect what's been drained into the possibility you want to manifest.

This technique is admittedly a variation of the one mentioned in Space/Time Magic, but I always find it useful to explore multiple approaches toward accomplishing something. It keeps the mind limber and ironically, in this case, keeps you open to possibilities.

Book Review: The Way We Think (Affiliate Link) by Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner

It's an interesting book that will challenge your thinking about you think and relate to different concepts in the world. At times, I think the authors stretch their theory, but overall I found this to be a solid book with good examples being used to illustrate what they meant by conceptual blending. I found the focus on language and metaphor to be particularly fascinating. With that said, this is a book best read slow and considered carefully. The concepts are complex and will challenge your thinking.