Lessons of the Elephant God

Today I did a working with Elephant, a check-in if you will. He said I was making good progress, learning to sit in the moment, but that he also noted that I still would sometimes get too focused on projected outcomes. And he is right. I've been getting more comfortable sitting in the present moment, but I still sometimes get caught up in projected outcomes, in fantasies, if you will. "You are your own worst obstacle, because you can't see what's in front of you. What are you dealing with right now in your life?" He asked.

"Divorce, figuring out what I'll do career wise, and also working on my small business"

So don't you think," he continued," that you owe it to yourself to be present in those circumstances and situations, without focusing so much on projected outcomes. You'll get to the future soon enough, but sit in this moment right now and be present with yourself and the environment around you. What do you need to know about this moment, about this place you are in?"

I thought about that and I realized what I really need to know is that I can be present in the insecurity, in the moments where everything isn't defined as much as I'd like. That until I was present in those moments, I might be missing out on details and information that could help me make an informed choice about the circumstances I found myself in.

There's no need to escape into a projected outcome, because doing so actually keeps you where you already were, but deludes you, instead of enabling you to be mindful and aware of yourself and your surroundings. That is the lesson the elephant god continues to teach me and each time I see it in action, I come closer and closer to accepting it and living it.