Magical Experiments July 2016 podcast episodes

Copyright Taylor Ellwood 2016 Magical Experiments Podcast: The Magic of Holidays With Robert Scott and S. Rune Emerson

Magical Experiments Podcast: The Magic of Writing with Leni Hester and Felix Warren

Magical Experiments Podcast: Defense Against the Dark Arts with Tallah Hovisdottir

Book Review: Ensouling Language by Stephen Buhner

If you're a writer of nonfiction or fiction, Ensouling Language is an essential must read book on the art of writing. While the author's focus is on non-fiction, the insights he shares can be applied to fiction. As I read this book and tried the exercises, it really helped me look at my writing from a different, deeper perspective. I started focusing on the spirit of the writing, the rhythm of the words and punctuation of the writing, and the intangible experience that could occur in writing if one is willing to trust the writing and let it happen. I can't recommend this book enough to my fellow writers or anyone interested in language and how to work with it.