March 2017 Magical Experiments podcasts

Did you miss an episode of the magical experiments podcast in March. You can listen to all of the episodes here.

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Magical Experiments podcast: The Aesthetics and process of magic with Taylor Ellwood

Magical Experiments podcast: Magical Activism Pt 1 with Crystal Blanton, Jacki Chucalate, and Felix Warren

Magical Experiments podcast: Magical Activism Pt 2 with Tallah Hovisdottir and Katessa Harkey

Magical Experiments podcast: Magical Activism Pt 3 with Shauna Aura Knight and Joseph Robicheaux

Book Review: Inner Traditions of Magic by William G. Gray

This is an excellent, must read book on magic. In it Gray walks readers through a number of magical operations and shows you how to take those operations apart and work with them. I like the depth of theory he explores and find that his approach really makes magic easier to understand. I will note that his writing style does tend to be ponderous at times, but if you stick with it, you will get a lot from his work and be able to significantly improve your own magical practice.