My Convention Schedule and I'm a Featured Presenter!

convention The winter Pagan convention season is upon us and I thought I'd share my convention schedule for February and March. I also am pleased to announce that I am a featured guest at Paganicon this year. Below is my schedule for each event, so that you know where and what I'll be presenting:

Pantheacon Feb 14-17

Taoist Inner Alchemical Breathing Meditations (The Alchemy of Breath) - 9pm Feb 14 San Simeon/San Martin

Secrets for how to get published at Immanion Press - 9am Feb 15 Carmel/Monterey

Magical Identity - 3pm Feb 15 Covenant of the Goddess Hospitality Suite

The Magic of Writing - 7pm Feb 16 Boardroom

Convocation Feb 20th -23rd

Space/Time Magic Feb 20th 8:30pm Huron/Ontario

Ritual Sonics: 11:30am to 1pm Windsor

Paganicon March 14th - 16th

The schedule isn't up as of yet, but I will be presenting a few workshops and I'll post an update closer to the event. I am one of the featured presenters!