My model of space time magic

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my own model for space and time, prompted in part by the elemental working I've been doing, but also by writing Neuro-Space/Time Magic. Some of the inspiration for this model is derived from Oryelle's book a Brief Hirstory of Time and some of it is derived from some experimentation with Quantum selves (See the article by Andrieh Vitimus in Magic on the Edge for more information). A lot of it however is derived from my own experimentations and explorations of time and space as separate, but related elements. There's a tendency to conflate time and space as being one and the same, no doubt due to a combination of pop culture and physics, but I've never really been satisfied with that kind of perspective. I accept that time moves through and marks the changing of space, but I also think space has its own characteristics that define time, and that what really changes is not the space itself, but rather the movement through space. There's a fine distinction there, which I explore a lot more in the new book.

When I think about working with space and time now, I tend to think of a 3 dimensional web that goes in all directions. Each nodal point on the web is a space, and that space can be defined as an event, a person, a place, etc. that has influence on the center nodal point, which is the magician. The strands that connect the nodal points are the movements of time, both in terms of memory and imagination, which are how we access the past and future respectively. The magician uses the strands to access other nodal points and influence them, but necessarily must also recognize that s/he is also influenced by those nodal points.

That's a rough picture of the model. There's a lot more to say, but it's for the forthcoming book.