Process of Magic class starts tomorrow!

The process of magic course is starting tomorrow. You'll get 24 lessons for $80 dollars on the process of magic and how to develop your personalized approach to magic while also learning the fundamental principles of how magic works from a process oriented perspective. You'll learn:

  • What process is and how it can be applied to magic.
  • How to take apart any magical working you've done and identify what is and isn't working in it.
  • What the principles of magic are and how they can be applied with any tool or technique you can think of.
  • Why internal work is a necessary part of your magical process.

Those are only a few things you'll learn when you take this class. Over the course of 24 weeks we'll cover magical techniques from a process perspective, identify your definition of magic, and explore how to use results to refine and improve your magical process. You will get:

  • 24 lesson for $80 dollars (That's less than a dollar per lesson)
  • A FREE e-book Creating Magical Entities
  • 5 homework assignments to help you apply the concepts to your magical workings.
  • The ability to work on the course at your pace.

If you want to sign up for the class or you have questions, contact me.