Round 5 of the Process of Magic starts in one week

blacksigil_400px-72dpi Round 5 of the Process of Magic class starts on April 3rd, one week from today! This is a class that is appropriate for any magician of any experience level. If you are starting out you will benefit from it by learning the principles of magic, and if you have more experience you'll benefit because the class will help you develop a personalized approach to magic, while also challenging any assumptions you hold about magic. Below is a syllabus for the class and what will be covered:

Lesson 1: An overview of the process of magic

Lesson 2: You and Definitions of Magic

Lesson 3: Results, Change, and their respective roles in magic

Lesson 4: The anatomy of the process of magic

Lesson 5: Culture, Ethics and Ideology

Lesson 6: What isn't essential to the process of magic

Lesson 7: Connection and its role in the magical process

Lesson 8: Intention, Attention, and Magic

Lesson 9: Inhibitory Actions and Magic

Lesson 10: Excitatory Actions and Magic

Lesson 11: Internal Work

Lesson 12: Spiritual allies and the magical process

Lesson 13: Invocation 1

Lesson 14: Invocation 2

Lesson 15: Evocation 1

Lesson 16: Evocation 2

Lesson 17: Divination

Lesson 18: Enchantment

Lesson 19: Astral Projection

Lesson 20: Banishing

Lesson 21: Attunement with the land

Lesson 22: The Role of Limitation in the Process of Magic

Lesson 23: The role of Transformation in the Process of Magic

Lesson 24: The role of Mundane actions in the Process of Magic

If you have questions about what I'll cover or want to sign up, contact me.