Simplify your magic

I recently had someone contact me about a situation that was bothering her and she wanted some advice. I ended up telling her to revisit the situation in her memory and re-live the memory, but in the process change her actions. She asked if it was really that simple. And yeah it really is that simple. Some people have this idea about magic, that it needs to be complicated, and you have to have the right robes and ceremonial gear, etc., and for those people that might be the case, but I prefer simplifying my approach to magic. To me simplifying magic means being able to look at the magical operation and determine what is actually needed to accomplish it. Then look at everything else that's included and ask what role it serves. For some people what is needed will differ. For example the ceremonial magician may very well need to have all the ceremonial tools because using them puts him/her into the headspace to perform the magic.

For me, what I typically need is to be able to apply creative processes to my magical work. This is why painting and writing and drawing play a large role in my practical magical processes. I also rely on internal work and meditation, but I I find that utilizing a creative approach simplifies my magical work.

It all comes down to customization and being able to create a methodology that fits your identity and how you express yourself. The methodology does need to conform to the rules of magic, so it's not that you want to go and make up something, but when you have a solid foundation, it's worthwhile to experiment and see how you can personalize and simplify your magical work. It'll be much more effective for you if its something you can apply to yourself and it fits how you express yourself.