Space/Time Magic Foundations Round 2 Starts April 1st

timespider Round 2 of the Space/Time Magic Foundations class starts on April 1st

Space/Time Magic is the expression of possibility upon reality, the shaping of linear space and time through non-linear means, if you know how to work with space and time as elements of magic.

In this 24 lesson class, we will explore the fundamentals of space/time magic, specifically how space and time can be integrated into your magical process as distinct principles and elements. If you are looking for a different approach to magical work that integrates the elements of space and time into magical practice, then this class is for you.

Here is a Testimonial from one of the students currently taking the course:

The Space/Time Correspondence Course extends our perception to see Time and Space as essential elements in magical works. It provides us wide variety of practical techniques and ideas, all of them will be great aids for our own experiments. The whole course is like a fascinating tool-box for anyone interested in the Magic of Space and Time. -- Yutaka Furuki

To learn more and sign up for this class, go here.