Space/Time Magic Foundations Round 3 starts in one Week

timespider Round 3 of Space/Time Magic starts on July 8th.

Space/Time Magic is the expression of possibility upon reality, the shaping of linear space and time through non-linear means, if you know how to work with space and time as elements of magic.

In this 24 lesson class, we will explore the fundamentals of space/time magic, specifically how space and time can be integrated into your magical process as distinct principles and elements. If you are looking for a different approach to magical work that integrates the elements of space and time into magical practice, then this class is for you. You will learn the following:

  • How to define space and time and why such definitions can be use for magical work.
  • What the Foundational practices and processes unique to space/time magic work are.
  • How to work with memory, imagination, movement, and stillness as principles of space/time magic work.
  • How to create and work with multiple aspects of yourself.
  • What deities and entities are associated with space/time magic
  • And much, much more.

Whether you've just started practicing magic or have years of experience, this class will teach you the fundamentals of space/time magic work, and how to access and turn possibilities into reality.


The Space/Time Correspondence Course extends our perception to see Time and Space as essential elements in magical works. It provides us wide variety of practical techniques and ideas, all of them will be great aids for our own experiments. The whole course is like a fascinating tool-box for anyone interested in the Magic of Space and Time. -- Yutaka Furuki

Taylor Ellwood's Space Time Magic course has given me a new perspective on what Space-Time is beyond the fabric of our reality. One of the incredible ways I've been able to utilize this knowledge is in relation to healing while re-writing (in effect) a past circumstance from 7th grade in which I wasn't able to speak my voice and be heard. Through Taylor's practiced ideas of retroactive magic I journeyed back to that time and break the hold that time period had on that part of my life. I also took advantage of his knowledge and work with sigils and how it can transform, flowing from moment to moment. It gave me opportunities to work with my art skills in a new way. Beyond that one portion of the course, Taylor's frequent teleclass opportunities to talk with him provide another beneficial platform to share your experiences and get answers in real time from him. This class is more than worth what you would invest into it. I wholly recommend it! -- Erik Roth

How to Register

The Investment for this class is $100. If you want to understand how to integrate space and time into your magical practice and achieve better results in your magical work, this class is for you.