Think and Grow Rich

Update on Mastermind experiments

I posted a while back about experimenting with the master mind concept in Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich! And honestly it's been a bit of a flop. I've noted some synchronicities with people I did it with, but also a fair amount of inaccuracies and I'm not entirely sure how to refine the process to improve on the accuracy, though it's been suggested that not really knowing several people may have improved the efficacy for one person. Might be I think/analyze too damn much. Then again Napoleon Hill's approach to the astral version of the technique didn't involve connecting with real people, but simply imagining those people entering into his boardroom, which means he was interacting with his idealized version of those people...or perhaps with the subconscious aspects of those people, so there wasn't as much analysis or control in place. I'm not sure, but I think that could be the key to refining this process. I'll give it a try and see what comes of not actively trying to connect with real people, but instead simply working with my imagination and seeing if and how those people show up in that. The difference will be that I'm not actively trying to connect with the people at a set time, place, or for that matter expectations...this could be more effective as a passive technique.