An infinity of possibilities

Multi-angled eyesstare into an infinity of possibilities absorbed in the flow of time acting on space unrealized possibilities folding into realities not are own as well fall into shimmering waves of existential bliss The angles of the angels reveals place, purpose, function, What are they but what they identify with? The angles of the demons reveals place, purpose, function The angles of the gods reveals place, purpose, function And what do you reveal child of light and shadow? You represent possibilities outside such fixed identities laughing chaos that reveals there's so much more than just form, function, place, or purpose I cannot be more than what I am is only reserved for those beings that have chosen that their function, form, place, and purpose have more importance than the opportunity to change and grow. You are that you are, I am that I am, the Breath of the universe ripples through your life and you reveal in that moment the glory of your multi-angled eyes... You'll pick and choose and turn possibilities into realities and we'll dance in those realities even as we look into the infinity of all things and none.