cell magic

cell magic update

I've been teaching my student about working with the cells of the body and also with the organs of the body. And as the teacher teaches, so too should s/he be learning and revising what s/he is doing. Because I'm working with her, it's allowing me to revisit these techniques in more depth. It also tells me that perhaps I should take students on more often, if only as a means of getting myself more involved in my own work past the experimentation stage. It's not that I don't continue to use the methods, but I don't use them as much, because I'm onto the next experiment. With the cell work, the focus has been on helping her learn to communicate with her body. Some of this has focused on communicating with different organs, but of late we've focused on communicating with a cell and our next step will be to use that cell to communicate with other ones. The benefit of this work is severalfold. For one thing you get in much better touch with your body, and what it needs, something people ignore all too often. The second benefit is in terms of healing, both yourself and other people, because you can learn quite a bit about the body's natural healing systems and then use those systems consciously to heal yourself faster. You also can help other people with their healing efforts, if you know what to boost when healing them.

To me that's the entire point of learning to work with your body consciously. How better than to improve your health and help other people. I don't, admittedly, think its replacement for getting medical services if you need them, but there's something to be said for learning to work with your body and learning to live with it a lot more consciously than I think most people do. Your entire body is a living being, not just the mind that happens to direct some of the activity.