charity special

Process of magic round 6 charity special


For each round of the Process of Magic course, I do a charity special, where half the proceeds are donated to a charity, if people sign up for the class. If you sign up for the process of magic class from today until Sunday July 21st I will donate half the signup fee to the Lady Liberty League, in support of the work they are doing for the Pagan community overall. Want to learn more about the class or sign up? Contact me.

Process of Magic Charity Special

blacksigil_400px-72dpi Every so often I run a charity special. From now until Monday April 22nd, if you sign up for The Process of Magic class, I will donate half of the class fee to the New Alexandrian Library, which is a non-profit dedicated to creating a library of Esoteric books. They update their Facebook a bit more frequently than the website, and you can see what they are working on now. The class fee for the Process of Magic course is $80, so 40 of that will be donated to this project if you sign up.

What do you get in return? 24 lessons, one e-mailed each week that explores the process of magic, and helps you personalize your process of magic. You also get access to a dedicated e-list, with other members, a bi-monthly teleconference and a free e-book. If you have questions or wish to sign up, please contact me.